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In his dreams! by SakuraKatieChan
In his dreams!
 We know how much Lee went after Sakura in the early days, and looks like it's no different in Shippuden, It's a pitty that the only way Lee will be with Sakura is in his dreams!

Found a turtorial on youtube on how to make a dream like effect in the photo. Hope it comes across like that ^_^;

Original photo taken by :iconchibiferret: At Kitacon 2015
Rock Lee :iconaerblade:
Sakura and editing done by me. ^_^
Check list. by SakuraKatieChan
Check list.
Summon: Check
battle Axe: Check
Ready to kick ass: Check

Photo taken by :iconchibiferret: at Kitacon 2015
Cosplay, Katsuyu and editing done by me ^_^
Haruno and Hyuga. by SakuraKatieChan
Haruno and Hyuga.
Going through Kitacon photos again and found a few more I would like to share.
 I have another convention in a few weeks and hopefully with a new Sakura Cosplay. So looking forward to getting some photos of that all being well. 
 But for now have some more Ninja war pics :P

Hinata is :iconaerblade:
Photo taken by :iconchibiferret: At Kitacon 2015
Sakura cosplay, Katsuyu and editing done by me ^_^
Watch you back! by SakuraKatieChan
Watch you back!
 im slowly running out of pictures to put up from our little shoots but hopfully we will have some new ones to upload soon ^_^

Photo taken by :iconchibiferret: At Kitacon 2015
Rock Lee is :iconaerblade: 
Sakura and Axe made by me


SakuraKatieChan's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Hi, i'm SakuraKatieChan been cosplaying since 07. I love anime and manga, attending anime and other conventions/Events in the UK.

Current Residence: Nottinghmshire England
Favourite genre of music: J-rock, 80's music
Operating System: Windows XP and Vista
MP3 player of choice: My Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Sakura (Naruto)
And I had a blast. This was one of my most chilled out cons I have had in a long time. I got to show off 2 new cosplays. One to go with my friend as Lee and the other one I have been meaning to do for the last 3-4 years.

Here's a little run down what we got up to each day:

Thursday: Day of travel, after getting to the station and finding our group we got the train to be joined with some other friends who were also coming along so they joined us and in the end we had a good sized travel party.
 The journey there wasn't too bad, I really don't like New Street station at Birmingham there always seems to be changes at last mi, But we made it got the train to the NEC.
 At the con we dumped our stuff in the rooms and went down to the bar, meeting up with friends and saying hi, before heading to get foods.
 Not long after we got back from getting said foods we were told we could get our badges so queued up and got our badges early.   We then waited for a friend to finish his gophering duty to order or Thursday night Pizza. We also changed into Kigus and spent the rest of the night in the bar chatting.
 About 12 we called it a night and headed to bed.

Friday: Was Naruto day (well always is for me anyway XD) I was Shippuden Sakura. After being excited for a Naruto group that was planned for the Friday. unfortunately that fell through and we didn't get to do a big Naruto shoot.
 But it wasn't all bad as I was doing Sakura and :iconAreblade: Was doing lee we made use of the wooded area and went to have our own little shoot.
 I also meet a Sasuke and got a few photos with him. 
 On the whole we had a good morning, our shoot must have been about an hr long and looking forward to posting some of the photos on here. 
 We then attended the opening of the con, just going over the basics what not to do at the con, enjoy ourself etc.
 There wasn't much else happening until the party, so :iconaerblade: and i got changed into War Ninja's and went outside for another shoot. 
Didnt got to the party much that night so just sat in the bar chilling and chatting till about 1am.

Saturday: Today was TenTen day for me, it was one of the 2 cosplays I had newly made for this convention and was ment to be somewhat of a secret for :iconaerblade: But she kinda found out :P.
 It felt odd being a Naruto character other then Sakura, but at the end of the day they are alike. Both have to put up with annoying guys on the teams, is the only female of said teams, both can have some anger moments XD.
 But yeah wore TenTen around for the day went to see the masquerade since I few friends were taking part in it. It was lovely seeing all the cosplays but a bit sad that my camera battery died and I forgot to take my fully charged one down with me. :( But managed to get them on my phone. Not the best but they at least it was better then nothing.
 :iconaerblade: then changed into Lee again and we had another little shoot this time as lee and tenten before heading back inside the hotel, and heading to a friends room for a small room party and ordering Pizza again. :D
 Changed for the party and stayed till about 1am but called it a night. 

Sunday: Last main day of the con and for this I choose my most easiest cosplay, and one I had been wanting to do for over 3 years. 
 Kayley was amazing to be in and I enjoyed myself so much all though not many people knew who i was as it wasn't an Anime or Manga character. But I didn't have any giant props to hold and it was so light.
 But  i had fun in her (apart from not being very well) didn't get too many photos but will be re-wearing her. Hopefully when it's not too hot.
 Apart from that we just chilled in the bar, hung out with friends and relaxed, We then attended the closing of the con that always makes me sad.
 Changed for the ball which was fun got to dance with my friends, then changed for the party. Really enjoyed the party and ending the con weekend with some great friends.
 The party went on till about 2 in the morning we then went back to the room to pack.

Monday: came round way to fast! With us all packed we headed down to wait for others in the bar, Said bye to people and headed to the train.
 At the station met up with some more friends who where heading back to Nottingham and we just had a quite time on the train trying to get some strength back from the convention.
 Birmingham New Street was annoying and there were delays that effected all our trains, and was a bit of a nightmare, having to change platforms at last min. But we made it and we all got home Monday afternoon. 

just a few little pros and cons of this Kita for me.

*It was a chilled con
*Getting to do 2 new cosplays in one weekend
*making use of the wooded area out the back on the Hilton
*Being with some great friends all weekend

*Almost having the con close on the Friday Night due to people getting so drunk they had to call out 5 ambulances to the hotel.
*Kita almost loosing there licences for the whole con.
*Birmingham New Street Station Gah!

But think thats about all for now, Like i said best con i have had for a while and looking forward to editing some of the photos we took over the weekend to share on here. ^_^
 Not sure what my next main con will be but will keep you all posted. :) <3


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