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United Kingdom
Hi, i'm SakuraKatieChan been cosplaying since 07. I love anime and manga, attending anime and other conventions/Events in the UK.

Current Residence: Nottinghmshire England
Favourite genre of music: J-rock, 80's music
Operating System: Windows XP and Vista
MP3 player of choice: My Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Sakura (Naruto)
Wow not done a entry for quite a while but then again not been up to much other then work and thats just boring but:

This past weekend I along with quite a few friends attend Kitacon that was held in Birmingham (UK) And it was one of the greatest weekends I have had in a long time.
 This is something me and my friends needed since the start of the year didn't start off good with losing a friend over Christmas and everyone just stressed out from one thing or another. (For me it was work >_<)

 Now with most cons we decided to travel on the Thursday, it’s less stressful and gives us time on the Thursday night to relax somewhat before the events over the rest of the weekend.
 We all caught the train and we were on our way, We got to the hotel about 3ish and checked in. 
 After catching up with friends that were all ready there we decided to order pizza ¬_¬ not the best of plans since my friend ordered from the place but the wrong one about 20miles away.. so there we were waiting for pizza that never came. Once we realised we tried again and got the right place, and after waiting over an hr (due to the mix up and waiting for the new order) We got our Pizza.
 We were starving, and so the PIzza was gone within minutes XD.
After pizza we decided to change into Kigus/onsies as a pre con cosplay it was amazing, and we didn't realise just how many others had the same idea as us.
  We also got our badges early after I sat there arguing (in a fun way) with friends about what time we got our badges last time. We were told it would be unlikely we would get our badges on the Thursday, but I knew we would and made people stay up and I was right so we went to que up for them and was fairly near the front of the que. :D

 First main day of the convention and I decided to Cosplay as Sakura from Naruto with my “aqua-fresh” I decided that I wanted something easy and comfy to wear. And I love my Sakura cosplays even if there wasn’t any other Naruto cosplayers around
 Friday wasn’t very eventful to be honest, there were no panels Ii really wanted to go to and it was just a matter of waiting round for the opening ceremony that was later in the afternoon.
  The opening was good, but it was the same stuff as most cons like all the rules, changes to the programs, and things to do over the weekend.
  After that we decided to get food and then head down to the Rave. But it wasn’t what I was expecting so didn’t stay all that long we just waited round chatting to friends before heading to bed.

 Today was the day I cosplayed one of my dream cosplays and that was Sailor Moon. Since starting cosplaying and attending cons it was one of my main cosplays I wanted to do. But at the time i wasn’t as confident as i am now so was always pushed to one side.
 But when i got a free Sailor Moon wig from a friend it made me want to cosplay her all over again, I do want to improve her some and finish her off completely. Maybe get a new wig as the one i have got is too small and is hard to keep on my head without it slipping back. But for a first wear i couldn’t be happier and i even got a few people say how good it was. That made me happy. I loved being her, and so pleased with how it came out.
   I also went spending in the dealers room, and brought a selection of Sailor Moon stuff, But I couldn’t see the one thing I wanted most that was the Sailor Moon SHFigarts figure they brought out and was kind of  sad. But then a friend texted saying get to the bring and buy. And there she was :D I brought it there and then XD.
  We didn’t attend the Saturday night parties as we went to see the AMV contest (that was late starting and then over ran.) were my friend had entered a AMV and we later found out she had won. I was so happy for her after she sat there saying she wouldn’t win and there were better ones. They were all great and I had a good time just resting and relaxing.

 Was another relaxing day, I got changed into Sailor V for the morning and had a good time, then a few of us decided to go swimming for a while using the pool that was at the hotel. It was a wonderful way to relax on the last day and much needed.
 Before long it was time to get ready for the closing ceremony, ball and the last party of the weekend.
 We all got ready and went to que for the closing ceremony and we got good seats, And it was all going good, we had a few announcements and found out that the con will be running again next year YAY!! But then it just went down hill, when they decided to do the charity auction and it went on for a good hr pushing another event back, that delayed the ball.
 I know the auction was for a good cause and it was the only place were alot of people would all ready but sitting but it was so long and boring it could have been done earlier in the day.
 The ball was meant to start at 8 but due to the closing taking more time then it should with the auction going on for so long it didn’t start till 9:30, and when it did start everyone had got fed up and we only had 45mins. Before the last party started.
 I got to have a few dances and before long the party started, so we ran back to our rooms, changed and got back to enjoy the rest of the night with 90’s cheese. (80’s would have been better)
 Before long the party ended and we ended up going to the bar hung around with friends for a while before going back to the room to pack so we didn’t have to do it in the morning.

 We just hung around in the lobby/bar saying bye to friends before it was time to go and get our train home. The train home was kinda stressful due to the stations lifts being out of order for alot of the platforms and people just being rude not letting us off the trains when they could see we had big cases >_<. But we finally made it home and had a nice cup of tea.

But yeah I had an amazing weekend away with friends, seeing ones I hadn’t see for over a year and a half, and just being away from work for a few days.
 I didn’t really attend any panels but the one panel I was interested in was candled from the start but I wasn’t that fussed.
 The parties were kinda meh for me, the music wasn’t my thing really but it was fun just being there watching over and dancing to a few songs with friends.

A big thank you goes to my friends that travelled with me, All the cosplayers that allowed me to take photos of their amazing cosplays. And to everyone for making it a weekend to remember. ^^

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